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If you could have a conversation with your business data, what would it tell you?

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Imagine if you could invest in a cost effective solution that would help you run your business more efficiently, help you make better decisions, understand your customers better, and have less stress but with increased revenue, would you make the investment?

If Yes, let us show you how!

At Abadieh, we offer data analytics and business intelligence BI solutions that empower you to make critical decisions for your business: decisions that will increase revenue, reduce operating costs, improve mission-critical processes and help you achieve your business objectives by enabling business users analyze all of their business data from multiple sources, to solve real problems, using insights and colourful reporting dashboards.

Business Is War!

“Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit”. William Pollard

How Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Adds Value To You

food and beverages

Working with major food, beverage, and FMCG companies, our insights help optimize the value chain, from supplier to consumer.


With help from digital analytics and marketing consulting professionals, education solution providers are finding ways to move forward.


Our expertise with travel and hospitality companies support business growth and market adaptability, to stay connected with generations of travelers.
Know your customers and their preferences.

health care

Amidst increasing competition and pressure, we seek solutions that help healthcare and pharmaceutical companies sustain growth and advantage.

financial services

From banking and insurance to capital markets and asset management, we help a variety of financial institutions manage their risk while increasing revenue and profitability.


Our insights and action enable retailers to embrace digital opportunities, transform their operations, and further engage customers.


Through better strategy and implementation, we enable organizations to carry out their missions and make their mark on communities.

media and entertainment

Our digital analytics and marketing consulting helps media and entertainment companies engage and expand their audiences in today’s fast and furious market.


Strategy – Perform initial discovery, assess client needs, document business goals and objectives, and create an action plan.

Implementation – Acquire and connect the data, validate and cleanse it, develop data management processes, and analyze.

Optimization – Evolve analysis and reporting, adapt implementation, and develop new dashboards as business changes and matures.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

With better customer insights and targeting, we help Prepare, Plan and Execute digital marketing campaigns, based on actual market customer data and insights, increasing your ROI and meeting your business objectives

Choose the perfect plan

Our solutions won’t break the bank. Chose the plan that fits your current environment and scale!


  • Social Media Audit
  • Digital Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Insights
  • 1 Month Support


  • Small Plan +
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • 3 Month Support


  • Medium Plan +
  • Customized Training
  • Needs Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Road Map Design
  • Lifetime Support

Our Team

Our  consultants will provide comprehensive services that can be extremely important in understanding the critical business metrics and analytics, helping to eliminate wasted time, money and effort, and allows business leaders to make more informed strategic decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

Data Analytics is about understanding your data and using that knowledge to drive actions. It reveals the trends and outliers within the data which might be otherwise difficult to note. It is a scientific way to convert raw data into information that helps guide difficult decisions.

Businesses are using analytics to make more informed decisions and to plan ahead. It helps businesses to uncover opportunities which are visible only through an analytical lens. Analytics helps companies to decipher trends, patterns and relationships within data to explain, predict and react to a market phenomenon. It helps answer the following questions:

  • What is happening and what will happen?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What is the best strategy to address it?

Using analytics businesses can improve their processes, increase profitability, reduce operating expenses and sustain the competitive edge for the longer run.

Analytics is not for one time or special event, yet it is a continuous process. The businesses should not take their attention off analytics and plan to adopt it as a regular business function. The business has to make collecting, cleaning and analyzing data a routine and a support role to functions that do not have the capability to do so.

Data is the most important resource for any analytics project hence the business should make sure that it captures its business and customer data in a structured manner. This will ensure that company has all the relevant data in the most usable form and can help the project move along quickly.

Delays in analytics projects generally take place when the data rendered to the analytical team is not usable in its current form. The data needs to be structured, cleaned and mined to make it usable. This step can take from hours to days to months depending upon the size and form of data.

Each of the above options comes with their own pros and cons. An organization has to find which option would suit their analytical needs best depending upon the nature of their business and existing resources. The costs associated with these options are rarely same for any two organizations.

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